Attention Teachers! 

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2019 Gifts & Grants 

Middlebrook Special Education teacher Polly Metz was granted a wireless document camera to assist with various student needs from scanning in models/examples to supplement lessons to modeling apps for students use. The camera will also allow Ms. Metz to simultaneously read aloud tests while projecting the actual test as a video and edit students work in real time. These are just some examples of creative ways Ms. Metz will use this gift to aid the special needs of students, both in and out of the classroom.


High School Special Education teacher Daniel Geraghty was also awarded several items to create a comfortable and inviting “Book Nook” in the flex lab.  This cool space will now include a comfy saucer chair and bookshelves as well as noise cancelling headphones to assist students with audio books and an LED TV to project book to film adaptations of texts.


Cider Mill Special Education teacher Abby Searfoss was awarded a grant for two dry erase tables, two pedal bikes and one dozen noise cancelling headphones for her  classroom. These items will help advance students' learning by supporting sensory needs and  enabling multi-sensory instruction. 

Thank you to these teachers for thinking of innovative ways to assist the special needs of students and making learning fun