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Inclusive Practices Mentor Training Programs

Wilton SEPTA is sponsoring Inclusive Practices Mentorship Training to our school and community organizations through The National Mentoring Coalition (NDMC) in partnership with Partners for Youth with Disabilities, (PYD)  


Topics Covered in the course:

Introduction to disability, ableism, and inclusion

Understanding disability rights and the ADA

Developing an inclusion statement

Creating inclusive programs, activities, and events

Tips for inclusive communication

Principles of inclusive marketing

Introduction to autism

Supporting positive behavior in youth with disabilities

The intersection of disability, gender, and sexuality

Understanding Universal Design for Learning (UDL


 Current Training opportunities still open to  Highschool students, staff and community members

  Email: for more information

So You Are Going to a PPT...

Download these important and helpful Guides 


Families can register their children’s name(s) and address in the Wilton Police Department’s Computer-Assisted Dispatch (CAD) System. Having your address flagged with key details could prove vital in the event of a police, fire, or health emergency. 


If you wish to register your address in the CAD system, please fill out the CAD Form from the link below and send it via email to Robert.Cipolla@WiltonCT.ORG.  

Please use the subject line – INFORMATION FOR THE CAD SYSTEM. 

You may also wish to include an electronic photograph of your child(ren) with your email submission, but please note that such photos do become “out of date” quickly, so always have a recent photo on hand.  Please refer below for more child safety information from Captain Cipolla.

Local Organizations

​​SPED*NET, Wilton: Special Education Network

​​Wilton Youth Council

Sports & Social

True Warrior Challenger Baseball Team


Click for more info

Wilton YMCA

Special Olympics of Connecticut

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